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Android app: option to save edited MP3 files in the original compression rate?


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I'm using WavePad on my Android-Phone (8.1). It's quite good, just what i was looking for to split long MP3s, add fade in and out and so on.
At the moment I'm using the free version. I could save edited songs a few Time to MP3 and choose between VBR or CBR as well as the compression rate.
My question is: Is it possible to use the same compression rate of the original source. So that when the original source is in VBR the edited song is not compressed again (what would make the quality of the new file worse).
I tried a other apps that weren't as brillant and easy to use as your app, but some didn't change the original compression rate, they just «cut out» the need part of a concert for example, what was quite good and it didn't took long.
WavePad takes a long time to save/create the edited file, so I think it compresses the soundfile once more. At least as I used it.
Maybe there is an option in the settings so that the compression of the file is leave untouched.

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Thanks for your answer.

I did a few tests yesterday and realized, that the edited files always have the same compression rate and sampling conversion (44,1 or 48 kHz) as the original file. But only when the source has an CBR. If it has a VBR, then the compression rate is CBR and beyond the original rate. I can't explain it much better.

So that I get it right: WavePad alway re-encodes the edited project, even when it's already an MP3? The process lasts always long, but the new file with the same sampling conversion and compression rate made me think, that the app only takes so long, because it has to implement fade ins and outs....

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Yes, WavePad always re-encodes the edited files even if the original file is already an MP3.Yes, WavePad always re-encodes the edited files even if the original file is already an MP3.

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