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VP won't let me place a piece of audio on track two


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Buggy v.p. stikes again :)

I cleaned up audio track 2 and 3 and now I want to move the audio from track 4 to track 2

But every time I place the audio at the beginning of the video sequence, v.p. moves everything except that piece of audio to the right. Why?

If I use track 3 things work as expected.  But I want to save screen space by using track 2.

If I move the piece of audio bit by bit to the right on track 2 at some point it just splits the sequence of video, making a huge gap. Sigh, why, sigh.

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Sometimes it isn't obvious why clips shift and a different approach has to be taken.  Without seeing the project can't say for certain what's happening there.  Perhaps related clips are either grouped or linked and move to maintain sync??

If track 2 is otherwise clear, move audio on 4 to track 3.  Then right-click to the left of track 2 and delete it.  Tracks can be renamed there as well.

Share the project and cite specifics and someone will check it out.

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