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Any limitation on converting Text to Wave?

Guest Dusty Bedford

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Guest Dusty Bedford



I need a program that can convert text to wave files. Wavepad demo can do this, but it is limited:


- Size of wave file is limited

- Size of text that will be converted is limited (less than wave size)

- Text is missed, typically at the end of the text (without warning, which is unacceptable).


I can't have any of these limitations.


I need to convert (typically) text that takes an hour to playback. If the software cannot handle the text I have supplied, it should warn, so that I can shorten the text, it must be able to handle an hour's worth of text.


Does Wapepad full version have a money back guarantee? Or can I have a guarantee that there are no limitations on the above meantioned items.


I need these thing, I have already been burned once (that's enough), so please respond, if the answer yes to the above, then there can be a transaction.




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