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Problems converting to MP4 and uploading to YouTube

Caroline P

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Please help! I have a 9 minute video which plays back in Video Pad fine but when I convert it to MP4 the audio is fine but the video is flashing, going too fast and awful. Can anyone help me sort it? 

Starting a new file I am wondering if I should convert the mov. files from my XT30 camera to MP4 before I make the videopad file?

Any thoughts?

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What are your PC's specs:  CPU/GPU/RAM?  What VP version is in use?

Install this version and see if that corrects the issue.  Please report back here.

For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file and registration info.

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Hi, nothing opened when I clicked on the link you set up. 

I am using 10.24 version.  My PC spec is  AMD Ryzen 5 25000U  8.00GB RAM     64 BIT PROCESSOR

I am getting thoroughly fed up as I have a deadline to meet and will have to download another type of software if I cannot get this to work. I shall be asking for my money back if I cannot get any resolution to my problem. I have a friend for whom it works perfectly well, but I don't know why mine is not. He has looked at my files and cannot see anything wrong. 

Please help urgently.


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Thank you!!!!!!! Yes the Beta version has made everything work.

However, many hours of heartache and time spent going round and round in circles. Please check these things before sending them out to us. Instead of me actually making any money from the task I was set to do (making a video for a community setting) it has probably cost me time and money to make it. I am pleased with the result, but paying for a sub standard piece of software has not made me very happy. I have lost a lot of work time and had no bank holiday with my family :(

It was my first ever go at making a video for you tube, so I knew it would take me a while, but not this long.

Can you tell me what version the Beta version is, and will it have replaced the one I had already purchased automatically? How will I know if I have the correct one now permanently installed? And if you are updating it again, will you send it to me?

Thanks and sorry for the rant.



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This forum is peer support - users just like you helping others.

Your frustration is understandable.  The software is tested.   Yet, with infinite permutations of PC hardware and software configurations, what are the chances that a program will work flawlessly for every user?  Zilch!

In this case, when VP architecture was recently improved - for more efficient, faster en/decoding - it wasn't initially apparent that there was an issue with AMD chips. As soon as users discovered it the developers set out immediately to make a fix.

There's a six-month grace period after purchase for free updates.  But if a release works well for you there's never a mandate.  A newer version can always be test driven, registered or not.  If it was released within the grace period, it should be automatically registered.  This site has all downloadable versions. 

The beta is version 10.26 as of this writing, but betas are frequently updated, even when they show the same version #.  As soon as it is deemed stable a new release version with the latest fixes will be available on the WEBsite.  After downloading, right-click the installer file and click PROPERTIES | DETAILS tab.  The version will be listed.

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You have tagged onto an old thread with (presumably) a different problem. Please create a new thread and outline what you are finding difficult. VP will load clips/images etc. that are on your PC already and create clips via a webcam etc. but not download from YT. There are third party apps that will do this and once the resulting file is on your PC it can (usually) be loaded to VP.

Re-thread and outline the problem and somebody should respond.



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You can use special web services to download and upload videos to YouTube. They help you to save your time and nerves. I had a similar problem: I couldn’t find how to upload videos to YouTube in MP4 format. I tried out different methods like certain apps, web services, or add-ins. However, none of them didn’t suit me. I was about to fall into despair until I came across this media hosting https://loader.to . It provides the opportunity to download and upload videos from/to YouTube or any place on the internet in different formats; it’s much easier to use an online service than any app or extension in your browser because, as for me, it doesn’t take any place on your RAM and hard drive

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