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What audio settings would get me the best quality from my old VHS tapes?

From most of my old VHS tapes the captured audio is sounding really muffled. It may just be the quality of the tape itself after a couple of decades of degradation. (I'm not sure what it would sound like in direct playback, since have no way of playing the tape: the VCR is hooked up to my computer now, not my TV). I just want to make sure I'm capturing the audio the best available from the source, and not capturing with settings that are reducing sound quality.

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Sadly, there is no standard settings that will get you the results you are looking for, since that will depend on the equipment you are using, the capture device you are using to connect the VCR to the computer and the computer's specifications regarding audio input. 

One thing you can try is to record using mp4 as the format, and mpeg4 as the encoder and continue testing with other formats or encoders to determine which option works best for you.

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