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Hiding Track 1 when Track 2 has content


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Hi.  I´m new to VideoPad.
My first project contains a video on Track 1 and a few occasional still photos on Track 2. My problem is that my photos have another aspect ratio compared to the video (which is more wide screen). When the photos are showing I want black stripes on each side of the photo. I DO NOT want to see Track 1 as stripes to the left and right of the photo. 

On my very first attempt to export the film I got exactly that - black stripes left and right. So I know it can be done. Now, after a few adjustments to my project, I cannot achieve that anymore. It looks allright in the preview, but the exported film shows Track 1 as stripes lift and right of the photo. Unable to find the settings which gave the desired result in my first attempt. What´s the magical trick?

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What you are getting with vertical image on Video Track 2 and normal video on Video Track 1............


The video on Track 1 is visible to either side of the narrower vertical image on Track 2. You say you do not want this....So.....

One answer is to move the image on Video Track 2 up to VideoTrack 3 and add a Black Blank  image to the now empty Video Track 2. Line it up with the vertical image on Track 3.......... (You can easily do this using the red cursor line.)...... The result is this..........


The Blank black image should have the same AR as the video to ensure it is properly covered up.

In a sense the Blank image becomes the background for the vertical image instead of the video. You now have the black bars that you say you want. Obviously the black image and the vertical image should both have the same duration.


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