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Blurring face and tracking it


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I have several videos I would like to post, however I need to blur faces/objects that appear in it.  Is there a way to do it once on one clip and have the software follow that same face or object as it moves?  One of the videos suggested I had to do it frame by frame, that seems very time consuming.


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Yes but it is not automatic but a lot depends on the movement of "target"

  • Place clip on the timeline
  • Set up Dual displays in Option/Display as it is easier to monitor the results.
  • Click FX for the clip concerned and add a Censor effect. This places a rectangle on the Clip Preview
  • Grab the rectangle and move it and size it so that it covers the "target" area
  • Set the Censor type/shape etc. Here, in this 15 second clip I have placed  a pixelated rectangle over the dinghy which is moving right-left. Monitor the effect in the Sequence Preview window...
  • z.jpg
  • As this is the starting position for the clip (and the "target") Click the small green with the red line  Keyframe marker at the top left  of the effects graph panel. This creates the first keyframe and fixes the censor over the "target".
  • zz.jpg
  • Now drag the red cursor line along under the graph and monitor the movement of the "target" in the Sequence Preview window.
  • If the "target object moves in a relatively straight line it's OK but as soon as it starts to change direction or spee, stop and  reset the censor position by dragging it in the Clip Preview pane. When the "target" is covered once more click the small green + to add another keyframe 
  • Continue in this fashion for the duration of the clip.
  • The censor will move in a straight line from keyframe position to keyframe position. This means that if the "target" moves left to right or up and down in a straight line only a couple of keyframes are needed to keep it covered where the changes occur. You can use more keyframes if you want and it's probably a good idea to put a keyframe at every graph line just to ensure the "target" remains covered. If the "target" changes direction or moves in a curve or changes speed then more  keyframes will need to be generated  to keep the censor covering it.
  • Play the sequence preview regularly to check everything is keeping together. You can add more keyframes between the existing ones if you find the Censor needs to be corrected either in position or size.

Here is the above example graph as the dinghy moves right to left but slows and tacks in the middle of the clip. keyframes were set every 1/2 a graph square. The censor size was changed as the "target" turned stern on and slowed down.......


Video Pad can't do this automatically.

Hope this answers your question.......BTW..It doesn't have to be every frame.:)




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