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Use the SCALE effect to slightly enlarge the video.

Next time you need the deshaker, click the Advanced button.  On the screen that appears, under Pass 2, choose the type of edge compensation desired.


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Stabilisation uses the Deshaker plug-in. In essence  this goes through the clip and calculates how much and in what direction  each frame has to be moved to re-register. A frame, for example which has to be moved down will leave a border at the top ans so on. The program must also determine if the clip is panning or zooming by comparing previous and next frame differences. The data is collected for each frame in the first pass through the clip. A second pass moves the frames into registration using the measured displacements and this eliminates (mostly) any "shake" The downside is that as the clip is viewed, displacement borders of various widths will appear on the different sides of the frames causing a flickering effect although the frame contents will remain relatively stable. To overcome this the deshaker can compensate for the usual border artifacts but inevitably some borders will remain particularly if "shake" has been excessive. Try the stabilisation setting Borate mentions above. 

If the borders are still intrusive you can apply the Zoom effect. Set up dual preview displays in Optios/Display. With the Zoom rectangle visible in the Clip Preview window scan along the clip by dragging the cursor bar along the timeline and watch the Sequence Preview window.. When you see a border appear stop and adjust the zoom rectangle  to eliminate it. (Set the AR to 16:9 or the AR of your clip and keep the rectangle central.) return to the srt of the clip and gradually work along reducing the zoom rectangle until all the borders are eliminated. Often only one small zoom will eliminate all the borders in the clip.


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