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Copy of bezier curve

Igor Protsenko

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For lines and curves see the method posted by rcf-jr ('Make a line?'):


If the object is complex this can take time and patience to get right but I've had good results.

On a similar topic, here is a method for creating outlines from a Shape (requires a version of Express Animate that has Gradient Fill).

Open your project or start a New Project (Ctrl+Alt+N).

Select your Shape or use New Object to draw a shape on the Canvas.

Right Click the shape and use 'Change Fill' to see the Object Fill dialog. Click the radio button to switch from Solid to Gradient.

Click on the Direction Arrow head and drag all the way back to its anchor square and drop inside. The Gradient window will go black because the gradient has effectively repeated to infinity. Click 'OK'.

When you return to the Canvas the shape will seem to have disappeared yet you see its Composition Panel. Use the Thickness property to increase the outline of the shape and you can now see it on the Canvas. Use the Outline property to change colour if you want. The shape is now 'unfilled' and can be animated in the usual way.

Note that if you change Scale without constrained proportions the outline will be affected differently on the X and Y axis. Use Path instead.

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