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Nothing Works Anymore


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I cannot complete a project on EB at all for the last year. I tried asking you to help me and got a generic email that didn't help at all. Let's get a couple things together off the bat. I used it for two years almost no problems. I have used the same cds, dvds and computer the entire time. I burned HUNDREDS of cds and dvds with it no problem. Now its giving me error messages pertaining to my write address when I try to burn a dvd disc. While burning video dvds it will go all the way down to the last minute of the write operation and then fail. Ive had some recently tell me they work, only to see It got the first chapter of five minutes and it just freezes in the player. Cds dont work at all. Please consider sending me a fresh download as I will be even angrier if you guys cannot help me with this. I use it a lot, or I would, if it would work. Also, when I go to help it say "Express Free 10.3", I paid for this and have the free version still on my computer not being used, so that is pretty confusing too.


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