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Recording a BLACK screen.


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The following is a post I made back in 2019 when I had the black screen issue - 

"I am getting a black screen in debut video capture. My HP PC has two AMD graphics cards, an R7 and R5 series which show in device manager. If I disable either of these Debut seems to work normally again.

Is there a way around this, I never had to do this when I first bought and installed Debut. "


I never got an answer to this post. My current PC has intel graphics and don't have this issue anymore.


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I am running AMD 3990X CPU and RTX-3090 GPU. If they could provide optional settings this would be great. They must not know. I had it working once and it worked great, now not sure what I did to the settings to cause the black screen issue.

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I am having a similar issue .. Once recording a video, the video will play back within the NCH Debut package itself, but if I try to play it back in Windows Media Player, the audio plays, but the video is completely black.  I wonder if it is a codec issue .. if I put the recorded .mp4 file into an editing package or play it back in VLC Media Player, then the audio and video both play fine.  So does Debut use some unusual video codec in its .mp4 output files I wonder ?  Why should some media players display the Debut output file fine, while others play back the audio only with a black screen ?

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