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Amplifying audio


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How does one amplify a section of the audio track? For example, say I wanted to amplify the track beginning at the 20:25 mark to the 24:48 mark. I know where the amplify effect can be found but cannot figure out how to amplify only a specific section of the track.

Thank you for any suggestion!

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  • borate changed the title to Amplifying audio


An alternative that doesn't require a split..

  • Add the clip to the timeline
  • Right click the Audio track. It will appear in the Clip preview screen.
  • Play the audio in Clip Preview screen to the start of amplification.
  • Click the blue line where the cursor crosses it. This will produce a marker.
  • Grab the line just to the right of the marker and drag the blue line up. This produces a second marker
  • Click the blue line at the end of the amplification section. This sets a third marker
  • Grab the line to right of this marker and drag it down to the original level.

It will now look a bit like this..


The audio track will also show the audio line. You can now play the clip and alter the marker points by dragging them higher or lower to alter the in/out effect.


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3 hours ago, borate said:

Split at the IN point, where amplification is to begin (20:25)

Split at the OUT point where it's to end (24:48)

Click the FX button on the audio clip within the newly split-out clip


Make your settings

Perfect! Your method worked perfectly. Thank you so much, and thank you to everyone who responded.

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