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Synch Problems on Windows 10


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I purchased Copper with  a one month support but I am unable to utilize the support I paid for.

My installation is on windows 10 and though copper and inventoria synch has been setup, copper is unable to retrieve item codes when they are scanned

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Have you received any update on solving this?

My pc crashed and we had to get a new pc build and with windows 7 being EOL we had to go with windows 10 for the new pc, after re installing all the programs and even purchasing the new versions we still cant sync between Inventoria and Copper.
What I did first did is remove half of my items in the DB and then it worked but still does not want to work if I use the full list which is about 16 000 items. I then wondered if it was not windows related so I installed it on another pc and also tried with the same DB and no luck as this pc was also windows 10 then this morning I started Virtualbox and loaded a copy of windows 7 pro on it, installed both programs and restored the DB and it worked like it never had any issues. New version also states it works on Windows 10 but does not look like all the features work.

Can we please get support on this NCH team.



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