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Unable to sync device with iOS app. Express Invoice v 7.25


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I am trying to sync my mobile device with my pc, but every time I try to sign in my drop box account, it gives my an error that all the browsers on my pc are out date. Though,

I have checked them, they all are up-to-date. Can someone help in this regard?.

Thank you in advance.


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I can access my drop box account on any of the browsers on my pc. It is only Express invoice that does not let me access it due to the error of out-of-date browsers. I have tried to paste the screenshot but this editor does not let me paste the picture.

For the sake of checking, I have accessed my Drop Box account from the iOS device and that resulted in a success.


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I have the same problem. When I try to set it up it opens it's own browser instead of using my default browser which is Chrome. Have opened up and signed in on Chrome, Firefox and Edge and keeping the tabs open but it still tries to use some other kind of browser. It just gives me download links to all the browsers even though I already have all of them installed.


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