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Intro and Outro Templates?


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I was just reading through the update notes and notices that there have been Intro and Outro templates added recently.

Version 10.16

Windows Release

  • [VideoMaker] Add the outro templates
  • Uploaded 2021-02-24

For example.

However, I have no idea how to access or use them. Can anyone shed some light on how to use them?


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Each install of the same version randomly enables certain features.

If you see the Templates or Wizard icon on the Home toolbar image.png  with NO chevron at its right, then you have the release with the new feature.  Click the icon.

If instead there's a chevron to the right, that's the old Templates layout.  Just reinstall repeatedly until the chevron vanishes.  There's no need to re-download.

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As an example on how to use one of the Intro templates...

  • Load a short project
  • Click the Video Maker tab. (This may be labelled differently now)
  • zz.jpg
  • Select the template you require from the list shown
  • Enter (change) the text to your own along with its characteristics.
  • Click Next and add music to your intro, either your own or use something from the stock library
  • Click Next and record some narration if required..
  • Otherwise click Create. Main screen will reappear with your template inserted at start.
  • zzz.jpg


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