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Add date to Non Invoiced Cash Sales?

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Brand new to Express Accounts program. I want to add a date to the Non Invoiced Cash Sales entries so I can separate them out by the month for taxes and reporting.

I can't figure out how to do that.  Can you help.


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non invoiced cash sales are transactions that occur directly, by inputting sales items using the cash payment system. If you only fill in the journal, then what is recorded is the transaction value and does not reduce the stock of goods. So if there is a sales transaction process that cannot be inputted directly (delayed by manual recording, collected first and then recorded) it can still be done on the next day, but just change the date in the journal according to the date of the transaction. This is better, because by recording non-invoiced cash sales, it can reduce the stock of goods that have been sold.

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Because of our type of business we do not reduce inventory when something is sold...it's figured differently (we buy a large plate glass and cut it up to sell pieces...inventory is figured by useable amount left. Anyway, I sell a piece of glass and want to enter the sale amount in a non invoiced transaction. I don't connect it to an inventory product.

Totals are all I'm looking for in this transaction. I'll have to play with it and see if I can make it work...I'm not sure.

Thanks for replying...appreciate it


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