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Because i edit gaming videos, so when i do slow mo's it reduces the fps.

I normally use around 10%-20% slow mo so yeah.

It reduces the fps by quite a bit even though i set the export to 144.

Because i think that in premiere pro you can slow mo without an fps reduce.

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AFAIK The fps stays the same but VP slow motion increases the number of frames by duplicating the existing ones. For example if frames at the original speed are ABCDEFG , in the 50% slow motion they would be AABBCCDDEEFFGG. Intermediate speeds would vary the duplication like AABCCDEEFGG etc.

The preview will still be shown 30fps. Stepping through frame by frame and you would see the duplication.  You can set the fps of the export to virtually any value but this doesn't alter the speed at which the clip runs. This has been useful for some users who want to get an export of frames taken at equal intervals along a clip........a stop motion effect. 


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