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will not do a synced screen copy


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I have to say I was a bit hesitant to purchase this software knowing from the past that all of their software is a royal pain in the ass. All I wanted to do is be able to copy some videos off the screen of some programs I have worked on and of course the video looks like shit and the audio is not synced. I can not set the frame rate and have it record at that rate. It continues to move from 15 fps to 24fps and everything in between when I have set it at 30 fps. 

Like I said all I wanted to do is make a simple copy of what is on the screen. I had hoped this company had upped its game but it is still as bad as it was 8 years ago. I feel they have to many things being offered and not making at least one of the software kickass. I swore I would never use anything from them again and I will not from this point. YOu also can never get any support, oh yeah unless you pay for it. that is one reason it is so shitty. 

So, if anyone knows how to just make a straight copy of a video on the screen using this shit I would love to hear it. Sorry for the rant.

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