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Hello, is there any way (V6.38) to desaturate any colours other than reds in a video??

Also, is there anyway to do a chromatic abberation effect. They have this effect in other editing softwares and i wanted to know if you could make a similar effect in videopad.

If you don't know what a chromatic abberation is, search it up.

Thanks for your help.

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  • borate changed the title to Colour correction

The 6x series is dated.  In the latest version there doesn't appear to be an aberation effect, but individual colors can be controlled with Color Curves.

For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file and registration info.

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To remove all colors apart from red ..

  • Load the clip
  • zz.jpg
  • Click the FX box on the timeline.
  • Choose the Color Curves effect.
  • Click the RGB box down chevron and select Green from the list
  • Grab the top right end of the diagonal line (you will get a small orange circle) and drag it vertically down to the bottom. i.e. Make the line horizontal. This will remove all Green from the image leaving just the Red and Blue components....
  • zzz.jpg
  • Click the down chevron again and select Blue.
  • As before, grab the top right end of the diagonal line (you will get a small orange circle )and drag it vertically down to the bottom.This will now emove all Blue from the image leaving just the Red component which is what you are aiming for I think....
  • zzzz.jpg

As Borate notes there is no Chromatic Abberation effect in VP but with a bit of fiddling you may be able to use the color curves effect on three identical clips copied above one another (Red/Green/Blue) combined with Position/Transparency/Color Curve (applied in that order) to possibly produce something similar but I am doubtful that it will look right. The problem here (I think) is that you can't add images together by the addition or subtraction of colors as you can in some graphic packages.:unsure:  (I used both 3D and colour abberated images in Astronomy talks and these were made using a graphics program.) I may be wrong in respect of VPs capabilities however.  Here is the top full moon image "played with"......Not that convincing.......





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What I seem to have produced above is a false 3d image, an Anaglyph that is not true spacial 3d.(The original was flat i.e. at screen level) Try looking at it with red/cyan anaglyph specs and you should see what I mean. It's in front of the screen. I think a chromatic aberration effect along the lines I mentioned above will need a lot more playing with. VP does have a 3d (red/cyan) export choice but uses a fixed image separation which is often not particularly good as it is so small. This one using Red/Green/Blue etc. allows a greater separation between the Red/Cyan images as it uses Position to move the red image a variable distance to the right. But it's not a Chromatic Abberration simulation as this requires green/purple halos Scaling the different colored images to very slightly different sizes might look a bit more convincing but I think you will need to play with it a bit. 


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