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Matching video and audio


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Hey borate, I'm having an issue & it's been happening since the month of Feb 2021, prior to that, everything was fine :(

It's so annoying having to unlink then drag/adjust the sound to match the video on all video clips :( When can we expect an update from VideoPad to resolve this issue?

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  • borate changed the title to Matching video and audio (elleinad)

What's the format of the files that have the issue?  What version of VP is being used?

Upgrade to the latest.  For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file and registration info.

Report back if the issue isn't solved.

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If the clip's audio and video are linked they will stay in sync when edits are made.

If a clip is unlinked, select the tracks and right-click on one.  GROUP them.

A clip on the timeline can be right-clicked, then SHOW ORIGINAL CLIP chosen.  This will highlight the source clip in the Bin.

Save Project File AS routinely, giving it a unique # or name, so as not to overwrite prior saves.  Using Save Project Files (no AS) will overwrite.  Then, if things go away, you can step back to an earlier edit just by clicking the appropriate VPJ file.

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  • borate changed the title to Matching video and audio
  • 2 weeks later...

VPJ files are instructions to the program;  they aren't playable.  Each time Save AS it used, with a unique # or name, another VPJ is created.  This is protection, if you need to backtrack.

Double-click a VPJ and the project will be loaded just as it was when the file was saved.  Never move or delete source files until certain they will never again be needed.

If there's a crash, an autosaved VPJ may be found in the Videopad folder.  But, when restarted, VP usually prompts to reload the project.

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