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V10.17 All I see is "Video Maker" button where is "Project Template" drop down should be?


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So how do I save a new project template in V10.17?


Select Save Project as Template from the Template button dropdown on the toolbar. This will save your current project to the Templates directory, which can found in your VideoPad Projects folder. Additionally, a screenshot will be taken of the current sequence and saved to the thumbnails subfolder in the Templates folder. 

Yeah, I dont have a TEMPLATE button guys.

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18 hours ago, c_major said:

We are improving project templates.

We also testing changing the name to "Video Maker Wizard". Half of the download will have the name changed.

The name change is fine, but the missing "Save as Template" is kind of annoying.

Well the name changed to Templates from Video Maker Wizard.

BUT it still doesnt allow me to save a new project template, neither does it show my current project template.

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There is one problem I have with that....

https://prntscr.com/10e9yf2    I don't have a chevron. Ver 10.17 BTW


OK I had downloaded vpsetup.exe and that didn't have the chevron

Then I downloaded VideoPadVideoEditor.exe from a different part of the NCH website.

Guess what? I now have a chevron beside the Templates button.

Both were V 10.17 btw.

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A VP install has a 50/50 chance of either the Wizard or Template icon landing on the toolbar and a random chance of getting the old or new template layout.

If the Templates icon has a chevron to the right of the icon, then that's the old Templates version, with options to use placeholders to merge projects.  (This didn't work well, IMO.)

If it's the Template or Wizard icon - no chevron - then that's the new version, which at this juncture seems to no longer have options for creating templates or using the placeholder/merge feature.  As of this date that's how it looks to me.   It's a work in progress, so expect improvements.

A template is just a project - designated by a VPJ file.

In lieu of using the Templates routine, a project can be created - perhaps in a separate sequence - and then exported using Save Project As.

That choice is available by clicking the chevron to the right of the Save Project button on the toolbar or via the MENU | FILE drop-down.

image.png   Give it a unique name.

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