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Accidentally overwrote my project. Can I get it restored?


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Today I forgot to retrieve my project before adding a new photo.  I saved it under my project's name, so now my original project is gone.  I tried a restore point, but that didn't work.  Is there any way to get my project back?



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When I make a video I always SAVE it as I go along.  When all the files I want for my Project are in the Media Bin I SAVE the it and give it a name.  Then I put all the pictures into the Timeline in the order I want them.  Then Save with the Save As... and add a 2 to the file name.  Then put in all the Transitions I want and Save As... with a 3 added to the file name.  Do the Pan & Zoom, do the Save As... and give it a 4.  Add the music, and that's a 5.

Then if things go wrong you can always go back to a previous SAVE and do it again from there.

I play a keyboard and do the same when setting up REGISTRATIONS for a song.  Habit, really.

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