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MOV files not working help


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I've imported MOV files from My Nikon d3300 camera.  And I get no preview in VideoPad 8.84. Audio is fine, just the video.

The MOV files play fine in windows media player, and VLC.  I have another laptop with a 2.0 something version of VP, and the MOV files preview does work, although it's stuttery in preview, it does export and playback correctly.

Why is an updated software backwards in its compatibility?

From my go pro copy, and a helmet cam, my MP4's import and work perfectly fine.

Any ideas?
ps, i've tried the K-Lite codec pack too, and I'm on Win10

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It's generally best to edit and export with the same (or close to same release date) version of Videopad.

Backward compatibility can't be guaranteed;  many changes have been made over the years.

Update to the latest and report back if preview is still problematic.

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Minor updates are made frequently.  Recent major improvements have included a 64-bit version and more efficient usage of the GPU.

Give the latest a test drive.  Retain your licensing info.

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