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New items added to inventoria not showing on express accounts (Updating)

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I have synched express accounts with inventoria and the items I had in inventoria successfully synched to express accounts but when I added some new products to inventoria these items will not update in the items list of express accounts, is this normal ? Is there another way to update these items ? Please help me with instructions.


Thank you

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Please be informed that the items you add in Inventoria will not show up in the Items list in Accounts (View menu > Items), but they should show up in the Item column when you create a new invoice. Also, make sure you are updating the correct location. In Accounts, click Options > Inventory > click Retrieve Locations > select the Location from the drop down menu > click Update > click OK to save the changes.

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Hi Elk,

Thank your for your reply, they are not showing up in the item column when creating new invoice.

That's why I find it very strange because the correct location is being synchronized with inventoria and I also tried retrieving the location again and updating, it tells me that updating was successful but when I try making a new invoice I still won't find it in the item column.

I find it very weird because items I select that are in the items list as sold in accounts deducts from inventoria, so they are synced.

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