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WavePad Projects .wpp question


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I would like to know how to use WavePad Projects.  I have a rather large project (for me anyway) consisting of many audio files.  I am converting a book written by a friend of mine that was published for children.  The author now would like to have an audio book to accompany the published book for future book purchases.  There are several (I'll call them speakers) and the speakers parts will be scattered throughout the book as the speakers talk to each other.  There are about 10 chapters and there will be many (I'll call them scripts by the various speakers) that will have to be recorded and then put in the order that the book is written.  I am recording the audio from each of about 8 different characters that are in the book.  I am making a folder for each chapter and putting each speakers audio file, script, into the appropriate chapter.  Like I mentioned I have about 10 chapters and about 8 speakers and that makes lots of audio files, scripts.  I will need to get all the audio files, scripts, in the proper order for each chapter and the in the proper order all into one audio book.  I am brand new to working with audio and the further I progress the more overwhelming it seems to be.  However I have so much accomplished already that I believe I will be able to accomplish this task.

I am learning WavePad by trial and error and also with the video tutorials.  I started using bookmarks in the beginning, not knowing how to use them and losing them I finally gave up on them but by preserving I finally learned how to use bookmarks and they are coming pretty handy.

I am not quite halfway finished but just discovered a .wpp file and I saw somewhere a brief statement in WavePads help files that .wpp files have something to do with projects and that projects are for large projects.  What I am doing, from my viewpoint, is a humongous project.  I could sure use some help.

Eventually I will have to put all these files in the proper sequence and each file will average around 75 MB for each of the 8 speakers and the 10 chapters will come close to around 6 GB.  That isn't going to fit on a CD.  How to these audio books that I read on my kindle, and some of them are huge big books, how to the fit into my kindle?  I'm thinking my project is definitely a project and a big one after all.  Is WavePad up to this task .wpp projects or not.  Oh will, I'm anxious to see an answer to my question.  This question is longer than the ones I see posted and I'm thinking that this question isn't going to get posted.  I shall soon find out. 

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