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selecting Inputs/outputs for USB recording diffrent for Windows and Mac

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Hello everyone,

I used Mixpad quite some time for recording over USB with my Headrush Pedalboard on a Win7 Notebook. For Win7 there is a ASIO driver available that lets you choose
'[ASIO] HeadRush Pedalboard ASIO'
in Mixpad Options -> General -> Audio Playback -> Device.

Now when you select any track for recording click Audio Options -> Recording options/Audio Playback Device I choose the same device again, then I can choose the individual channels, like
Input Left Channel = In 1
Input Right Channel = In 2
Left Output = Out 1
Right Out = Out 2

Another track can have for example
Input Left = In 3
Input Right = In 4
Left Output = Out 3
Right Out = Out 4

When comparing with the Mac Version, it looks like on the Mac the option for Audio Playback is not available for each track, it just shows '[USB 0] Headrush Pedalboard' under Options. Is there no way to select the diffrent in/out channels? In the System report the Pedalboard is clearly recognized as a device with 4 inputs, 4 outputs. I have already tried the method with an Aggregate Device under Audio/MIDI-Setup, but the result is the same, only one Input, one Output available (which are obviously In1,2, Out1,2 by the way, so In3,4 Out 3,4 can´t be selected). Any other ideas?

Best regards.

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