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Trim reducing quality ?


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I am trying to trim a few min from the tail end of a 1.2GB MP4 file.

Original bitrate is 3800 kbs

The output file created is 187MB with 600 kbs bitrate

Is it possible to keep the original bitrate ? 

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You can set the export bitrate in the Export File Settings window.

Set the File Format  (mp4) and then click the option to the right in blue (Default Quality/File Size.) This brings up the mp4 Encoding Settings.

Click the VideoQuality/Bitrate option down chevron and select the required bitrate from the drop down list.




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Works here.  Try LOSSLESS (from the toolbar).

39.9Mb bitrate 1.53Gb original exported at nearly the same bitrate with resulting file size of 1.67Gb, after trimming off several minutes.

If that fails,  try H264 with Off (Re-encode Video) selected in the Lossless Export field.

          image.png  Result  image.png

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The best way to avoid quality loss is to use lossless export - by leave the default export options.

VideoPad support lossless transcoding for h.264 and MPEG4 codecs. Video data are simply copied from the input video to the output, without the trimmed section.

Please note that if the input and output format does not match or the codec is not supported, the video must be re-encoded. Re-encoding is always lossy.


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