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Is there a keyboard shortcut for precision editing? (Milliseconds)


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The frame bump is the smallest increment.  However, by expanding the timeline via the slider (bottom-right), precision can be improved.


As for those 'parts' - let's take a look.  Upload a sample project for analysis, per the instructions in your other thread.  Use the edge buttons for insertions to ensure that the edit is being made at the junction.

To see gaps or fragments on track one, switch to Storyboard mode.  image.png

Did you test the latest version?

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When you say 'frame' bump - Do you mean the arrow keys in your diagram above?

If so I've found this isn't the smallest increment - I have to zoom in and out and drag the red marker and i can get smaller increments - I think 1 frame equals about four and a half milliseconds or increments.

This is my solution I found out through experimenting. Though it would be easier with a keyboard shortcut.

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