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Is Coda and related terms NOT a function of this software?

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Yes, but the manual does not mention the terms by name, they have a backhanded reference to repeats.  So, if you search for the content, you get NO results.  I offer, name the content in the user manual by the term being used.  A search on CODA who then show CODA.


Thank You!

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On 2/26/2021 at 11:12 PM, Fred28 said:

The program does allow you to Create repeat symbols like Segno and Coda. You might want to check the user´s manual here:

Contents (nchsoftware.com)

If this info is in the manual, it would be helpful if you'd specified which section, rather than just saying "check the manual" - or, better still, specified how we can create those symbols.  I've read through the manual very carefully, twice, and the only reference I can find is in the introduction, which says the software allows you to:
"Create repeat symbols like Segno and Coda"

Unfortunately, it doesn't say how you can do this, nor where to find the instructions, nor can I find any other reference in the user manual to either Segno or Coda.

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Found additional info referring to this topic.
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1 hour ago, Fred28 said:

You should be able to open the program, right click on a staff and hover your mouse over REPEAT  and here you will see the options CODA or TO CODA.

Thank you, Fred28 - I discovered this quite by accident last night.  It's a pity that the company didn't explain this in the 'Help' files - so I will send them an e-mail suggesting they add it.

With best regards,


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