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sync copper to inventoria

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Please help me to sync  copper to inventoria. 

I met the following problem : unable to connect to through port 1097 - also I cannot find retrieve location. What is it and how to fill in this poart in the software ?

Thanks a lot for your advices 


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14 minutes ago, TECH Support said:

Hi, can you please open the port 1097 calling to your internet service provider? Once you open the port just run the wizard again and it should connect successfully¡

Hi, I am not a genius in managing softwares. So would you please explain me how to open the port 1097 ?  What should I ask to my internet provider ? thanks for you help ? 

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Just call your Internet provider or the administrator of your network and let them know you need to enable port forwarding on port 1097, they should be able to do it for you or guide you on how to do it.

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