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Voice recording

Marco Porlier

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  • 1 month later...

I think I'm doing something wrong. I have Windows 10 and when I configured Speech, I selected Microsoft Speech Recognizer 8.0 for Windows (English-US).

Then I selected the audio file and selected File > Run Speech to Text on Dictation.

I looked at the result (in the Notes area) and the text didn't seem to have anything to do with the audio. I wasn't expecting a perfect transcription, but the results didn't match at all. The recording was of a call to a cousin of mine. Here's an example from the beginning of the transcription, where we were just making small talk.

"Through some of the fifth a wholly owned a restaurant and those who was he may eighth of your year youngest violinist Ken is Huston blessed mother in City Hall and long as it was lost in little rock band now , his ponytail and error if you get used to house the only thing that you show us film wrestling on her behalf of violence from a connection entourage dollars through the senate to remember that won't buy one kit I was thrown off left Don fleming or die from it actually he was still have your no assurance has sent a team we get home and whose you're a hill who also a hall of..."

Here's of few sentences of what was really said:

"So, you've probably gone to restaurants and things..."

"We went to a nice one today. It was me, my brother-in-law Wayne, his wife Stacy, Stacy's dad, and they pick up Mom on the way. She's finally out of quarantine."

Am I misconfiguring something?





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