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Hi can anyone help, I have used express invoice and have always been able to email my invoices direct from there.  I have changed my pass word for my emails in Yahoo and I have change the pass word in express invoicing but is now saying user authentication or pass word not accepted so wont email anything.

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1. login yahoo account https://login.yahoo.com/

2. Go to settings then select security.

3. Go to generate password

4. select another application and input the application name, for example Express Invoice

5. This is your application password for Express Invoice

6. Return to the Express Invoice setting email, then enter the username and generate the password earlier (not the password on Yahoo)

7, Done




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Corky6458 used express invoicing and was always able to email invoices right from there. So in my opinion, he already understands how to arrange email invoice delivery. So I tried to help with the main problem that happened as well as helping other colleagues with problems that often occur here

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