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adding a new financial institution

Steve T Carroll

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If your financial institution is not in the list, you can add it manually. To do that, please follow these steps: Click Accounts menu > Add Account > check Enable online account access > click the Financial Institution drop down menu > select Add New Financial Institution > enter the required information (if you do not know that, you may need to contact your bank, they are the only ones who can provide you with those details) > click OK > OK again to save the changes.

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Even with adding a new account, with the correct routing number, account number and password, it does not resolve the issue wherein we're unable to retrieve transactions, reconcile transactions, etc.  Continue to receive error message in communicating with financial institutions.  Posted issue in another area on this forum.

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If the bank you are looking for is not in the list, you may add it manually. To do that, click Accounts, Add Account, check Enable Online Account Access, from the Financial Institution drop-down menu, select Add New Financial Institution, enter the required information, click OK and OK again to save the changes. Check the information below:
1. Financial Institution:
Select the name of the financial institution with which the account should be associated.
Alternatively, new financial institution information may be entered by using the Add
2. Routing Number:
Enter the routing number (or sort code, transit number, or BSB number) for your financial
3. Account Number:
Enter the account number issued by the financial institution holding the account.
4. User ID:
Enter the user ID issued by the financial institution for accessing the account.
5. Password:
Enter the password associated with the above user ID.
6. Prompt me for my password when connecting to my bank:
Check this box to prevent MoneyLine from storing your password. You will be prompted to
enter your bank password each time your account information is retrieved.
7. Last Import:
Last date an import of transactions was performed for this account.
**If the issue continues, maybe is because your financial institution does not support Moneyline.

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