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Zooming whilst retaining top and bottom black borders


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Hi all, First time on here so please excuse me if I'm not up to speed on the etiquette...

Can anyone help me with the below issue?

I am creating videos on Videopad and seem to be able to manage everything to achieve what I'm after... apart from zooming in to the body of the video, whilst retaining the top and bottom black borders.

I need to keep the borders as I am including a title at the top and subs at the bottom.

When I zoom in, the entire screen zooms (including the bars). 

The result is, thinner bars and the text ends up on the body of the email.

I hope this makes sense and someone can offer some support.

Much appreciated.


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1.  Place two copies of the clip, on separate tracks, one directly above the other

2. On the upper track, click the FX icon on the clip to open the effects editor

3. Click the green + sign Polygon Mask icon that is the second from the left on the toolbar

4. Draw a mask similar to this (note the placement of the dotted red line)...   mask.jpg

5.  Add a TRANSPARENCY effect and set it to zero

6.  On the lower track, open the effects editor and apply the desired ZOOM

     Preview the timeline and note that the top/bottom black bars aren't affected

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