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Clicking sound when a video clip has been split

Tom Trow

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I am editing together a virtual school assembly and having a problem with "clicks" appearing on one particular track every time I have made a split in the video track.  
This occurs at the start and end of most segments, but also a few places where I have split a clip into two bits whilst splitting another track (having not locked the original track).  A good example is at on the word "Drink" at  https://youtu.be/jh5DU6eyPYA?t=75.  This was fine before I made the cut, but the "click" appeared once it had been cut.

You will see this occurs on several other points in the video with this link showing a good example - https://youtu.be/jh5DU6eyPYA?t=266

The clicking occurs when playing it on Videopad during editing as well as on the final export.

I have not encountered this before and there as nothing unusual with this particular clip in the way it was recorded.
I did remove a little bit of hum on that track with the "Noise Removal" tool, but have also experimented with taking the noise removal off with no joy.

Would be grateful if anyone can point me in the direction of how I can sort this?

Many thanks,


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There is certainly a light click at the word "drink" but does this actually coincide with a split in the video since it doesn't appear that the clip has actually been split?  

I have tried to reproduce this with VP 10.02 using specific audio tracks of voice (not music) without seeing this. Splits to the audio played over without any click. Try splitting a "silent" part of a similar audio of your own and see if you get a click.

Removing a section of the audio track and closing the gap also didn't produce a click. I got a similar result with a full audio linked clip.

It might be helpful if you could separate a length of your project containing the problem and upload it to a free server like drop box etc so someone can take a look. It doesn't need to be all the project, just a section that you have checked contains the click.



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Thanks Nat and Borate,

Yes, it does coincide with a split, albeit only a split which occurred when I was cutting another track and did not lock the clip with the person reading the story.

I have tried splitting a "silent" bit as suggested and it does indeed create a click, where no click previously existed.

If anyone is happy to take a look, I have uploaded the whole thing as a zip here: https://stjamestrowbridge-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/av_stjamestrowbridge_co_uk/ETVQ5FTWzk9ElnVcy-3ct_MBwPNt6hPFCiVvPNTViuG7Fg?e=A9TLEc

Or individual files here: https://stjamestrowbridge-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/av_stjamestrowbridge_co_uk/EgXnA31_rMxAouj338YCPLABM88yCjJr7E-DONOKwcBCbw?e=AHWzso

I made this with version 8.91, but have just upgraded to 10.12 and the problem remains.
Thanks again,

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Some general thoughts...

Digital files can do strange things at edit points when the bits don't match up.  Sometimes, slightly moving the edit points will eliminate digital pops.  Having clips that are poor quality, single-channel source files with hum and very low volume can create issues.

It's best to record properly of course, with equal volume on left and right channels.  But when audio post production is needed, it's wise to normalize volume, minimize noise and equalize prior importing for edit.   Wavepad can help with audio pre-production.  An improved audio file can be added to a new track and synchronized.  When the original is muted, only the new audio clip will be heard.

During the edit, if you make a mistake while editing, immediately press <ctrl-Z> (EDIT|UNDO) to restore, step-by-step.

Go easy on grouping;  it can cause unexpected behavior when clips are both grouped and linked.  Use as few tracks and effects as practicable and do not load files that won't be used in the project;  that just slows things down.

Save Project File AS routinely, giving it a unique # or name, so as not to overwrite prior saves.  Using Save Project Files (no AS) will overwrite.

Good work!  Takes practice ... and patience.

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