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Bookmarks DO NOT become chapter titles in DVD menu


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Bookmarks do not appear on burned DVD menu.  Bookmarks do become "chapters" on DVD -- can skip from chapter to chapter.  But there is only one "Play" button on the DVD menu create setup with DVD burn.

I would like to see a DVD menu with Chapter titles based on Bookmarks.


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A DVD Movie export with bookmarks, using ADD MENU Basic (List), offers clickable chapters under the NAVIGATE toolbar TITLE menu In the MPC-BE player.        It's the same for the JUMP TO menu.  How that would translate to other players is unknown.  Bookmark titles won't display, as they are now DVD chapters.


For more extensive authoring try https://www.nch.com.au/burn/index.html

Make suggestions via the chevron at the top-right of the Videopad window.

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First, thanks for the reference to MPC-BE Player -- looks like a find!

I tried the ADD MENU Basic (List).  In VideoPad, I see a a box labeled the VideoPad project.  I burned the DVD.  I opened it with MPC-BE.  I see the VideoPad "Title Menu" -- The VideoPad project name.  When I click it, I get a menu of 'Chapter 1' through 'Chapter 5' and 'Main Menu' -- as you indicated in your previous reply.  Clicking on a "Chapter" buttons results in the play of the DVD from the start, regardless of which chapter is selected.

What am I doing wrong?

I would like to be able to pick where the DVD starts.

I would like to control the "Title Menu"

I would like to control the "Root Menu" and even to start at the "Root Menu", leading to a suggestion -- an option to use the Bookmark titles for the chapter titles.

I'll try it in my DVD player -- an LG player hooked to my TV,


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That's not what is seen here.  Five bookmarks.  Under NAVIGATE | TITLE menu there's a single Main entry.  Click it and the five chapters drop down.

Under NAVIGATE | ROOT menu the five chapters display without the Main entry.  Each of the five choices invokes play at the appropriate bookmark.

However, occasionally the Title and Root menus are not available (greyed out).  But resuming play usually brings them back.

In Windows 10 double-clicking an ISO will spawn a new drive letter (in the Windows Explorer file manager).  A virtual DVD.

In MPC-BE click FILE | OPEN DVD/Blu-Ray, find the drive and click SELECT.  To close the drive, right-click on the Windows Explorer entry and Eject.

Try Express Burn for enhanced features.

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I burn a DVD directly from VideoPad; no need for Express Burn unless there's an option to build a DVD menu in there.

Intrigued by the prospect of double-clicking an ISO, but don't know how to write an ISO from Videopad.  Would welcome a hyperlink on how to.

Discovered that the "Add Menu Basic" will convert Bookmarks to Chapters and that VLC (Videolan) offers navigation.

Had nothing but woes with the "Add Menu Basic (List)" -- seemed to me that none of the chapters started the video.  Can you select any "chapter" and start the DVD at that point.

VLC media player           https://www.videolan.org/vlc/

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

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To create an ISO, select Image File in the "Burner" box...   image.png

Check the "use bookmarks as chapters" box.

Under ADD MENU, if Basic Play is chosen, there will be a single PLAY button, no clickable chapters.

If Basic (List) is selected, then the Navigation | Title or Root menus have clickable chapters.  Here, they respond individually where the bookmarks were set.

When play finishes, the Main menu reappears.  Clicking it brings up the chapter display, as shown above.

The only issue is audio noise at the head of clip 1 (of 3).  That bug has been reported.

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I'm getting most of what you detail.  Chapters don't go back to menu when played; the DVD keeps playing through subsequent chapters.  Not a bad option -- chapters allow you to start playing somewhere other than the beginning.  "Chapter 'n'" displayed doesn't offer any information, but I guess having a list of options, like those found with a "normal" movie CD, will have to wait.

Loving the ISO gen -- thanks for the tip.  I'm saving DVDs!

And, I get audio "pop" at the head of clip 1 -- thanks for letting me know.

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