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How to scroll timeline in Clip Preview


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I'm totally brand new to VideoPad. I have a long video that I'm trying to edit into shorter clips that I can then sequence or export as stand alones. I've watched the basic tutorial movies like the Video Editor tutorial  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4Qoe43YYDU and How to trim video. I see how to set start and end points and how to split.

But I cannot figure how to scroll the timeline left and right.

I thought that I could use the scroll wheel or shift-scroll wheel like other apps, but that only zooms the timeline in or out. There doesn't seem to be a scroll bar or other tool to move left-right.

What is the secret of moving the timeline left and right when zoomed in?

I'm on Windows 10 if that matters.

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Thank you borate. I had never noticed that because I hadn't gotten yet to sequencing my clips. That will be helpful. Is there a keyboard shortcut or mouse control for that?

So using the Sequence pane would be the recommended way to edit/trim a long source into different clips?

From the VideoPad Video Editor Tutorial | GUI Overview video on the NCH Software youtube channel, I was trying to use the Clip preview pane to do my first-pass editing. Just to confirm there is  no way to scroll the timeline from the clip preview pane?

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Unaware of a scrollbar shortcut, but if the sequence is in focus it can be jumped from end to end via a mouse wheel capable of horizontal scrolling.

There are many ways to trim clips.  If you want to create many discrete clips from a single clip, first right-click the bin clip and COPY.  Then right-click in an open area of the bin and PASTE (clip).  Do this as many times as needed.

Then select one of the copies and in the preview window drag the red scrubber line to where you want to begin, and click SET START.  Drag it to where you want to end and click SET END.  Then use the ADD button (or click its chevron, for choices) to place the clip on the sequence or drag it there.  Each copy can have different IN/OUT points.

Another method is to place an entire clip on the sequence, then split out the parts that aren't needed.  If a clip is dragged from the timeline back to the bin, a copy is made and it vanishes from the timeline.  But if <crtl-Z> (EDIT | UNDO) is then pressed, the clip returns to the timeline and the copy is retained in the bin.

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