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Marrying Audio Files to Still Images

Danny D

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I'm trying to create video consisting of 12 audio tracks and 4 still images, with the images changing after each track plays.  I'm guessing there's a proper sequence to accomplish this but I can't see it, so am hoping somebody can either point me to something that would explain it, or offer some step by step instructions.  Thanks in advance.

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  • Assuming that these 'tracks' are individual song clips, place them one after another on the sequence audio 1 track.  You can select them all in the bin, then right-click and Place On Sequence.
  • Place one still on the video track at the beginning of the first song.  Drag its right-handle to the right until it's at the end of the first song.

Use the slider to expand the timeline, along with the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the window, so the relatively short stills can be seen...


  • Add the next still immediately adjacent to the 1st and drag its right handle to the end of the second song ... and so on.

Then add fades, transitions or other effects to each still, if desired.

Still images can be shortened or lengthened by dragging their handles.   image.png  Still clips can be positioned by dragging them left or right.

If you make a mistake immediately press <ctrl-Z> (EDIT | UNDO) to go back step-by-step.

Save Project File AS routinely, giving it a unique # or name, so as not to overwrite prior saves.  Using Save Project Files (no AS) will overwrite.  This creates unique VPJ control files that the program uses to map sources, effects, transitions, etc.  Double-clicking on a VPJ will load a project into Videopad.

Never move or delete source files until you are certain you will never need to edit the project again.

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