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New to Zulu, AutoDJ plays silence?


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Hello all... I  just install Zulu, seems cool, at first glance..... I was specifically looking for a piece of software like another program I use, where the player intelligently mixes the songs based on its scanning of the music file, as Zulu seems to do. So I enabled autodj, thinking it would start playing the next  song at the best place  it think its would be best.... Its hard to explain...

However Zulu just plays one song after another, I consider this a regular playlist that any piece of software can do, nothing special there,  rather than smart autoDJ playlist where it takes into consideration where the place to start and stop a song would be in a mix. Not beat mixing per say, just a start and stop mix, but at correct place taking into consideration any silence at the beginning or end of the song...

Do you know what i mean?


Thanks all...

Montreal, Canada

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Silence Detection

Enabling this feature will allow Zulu to detect silence at the beginning of a track and play from the first detection of sound. This feature is effective when a track is loaded into a deck, in AutoPlay Mode, or when user click Jump To Start button.

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