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Free version gone? How to get backup data?


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So my business consists on one employee, me. According to the terms and conditions Copper is free to use for small businesses with less than 5 employees. I've not seen any indication that has changed,

Normally I have Copper on two computers, one in my store that functions as my till (Windows XP), and one on my main laptop (Mac OSX) that I use for backing up and printing reports out. Due to Covid we had to close down for a while. When we finally re-opened I had a line up of customers waiting and my XP laptop stopped working properly. I had to try first using my MacOSX laptop as back up but it wasn't compatible with my receipt printer. As a last resort I rebooted into Boot Camp on my Macbook and installed copper on the Windows 7 partition, loaded the last backup.
The XP laptop is since fixed, but I had to use the Windows partition on my macbook for a couple days. I went on again yesterday to back up the data to transfer to both the OSX program and the WindowsXP till, but it will not allow me to open it. I get a message box forcing me to the payment page or closing the program. Is there any way past this that doesn't require a credit card or to get the backup data off it? The program still opens and runs fine on both the OSX version and Windows XP laptop.

If there has been a change and it's no longer free then should NCH not warn users before cutting off access to their data?

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