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Mobile Phone Aspect Ratio Side by Side...


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I have two mobile phone style aspect ratio videos and I want to have them side by side on the screen at the same time so they run next to each other and it looks like the people in the videos are next to each other, I have a few ideas of how to start, ('m thinking I may have to encode the videos before I try to put them together so they have black panels either side etc) but after that really no ideas, can you help?  Is it possible?  Illustration picture included:


Thank you in advance!!  😃😃

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This should give you an idea...

Place a blank clip on track 1  (this will be the background)

Overlay mobile video 1 on track 2, directly above

Overlay mobile video 2 on track 3, directly above

Drag the right handle of the blank clip to the same length as the mobile video clips

Click the FX button on clip 1 and apply the SPLIT SCREEN effect, choosing HORIZONTAL 2,  REGION A,  FIT TO REGION.

Do the same with clip 2 but click REGION B.

The result      Snapshot - 1.png

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Any still image or video will work, as long as it's on a lower-numbered track.  "Blank clip" refers to the ADD BLANK button on the VP toolbar.

Higher tracks always take precedence so if the image on a track two is smaller than the image on track one, then track one will be seen in the background.

Picture-in-picture.  http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/videopad/win64bitpaid/tasks_watermarkspip.html

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"......Hiya, when you say a blank clip, you mean a blank video right?  As I'm trying a photo and it doesn't work...  If I encode a photo to a video I'll be able to use that is that correct?........"

A photo should work with no problem. 

To all intents and purposes an image. i.e. a photo such as a jpg or bmp etc. is simply a video clip when used in VP. The duration of this is set in the Options/Media/Still Image Duration setting box.  Check you have a value in this box of, say, 5 seconds. Add  the photo to  VP, or directly drag and drop it into the  bin area. It will then appear as a thumbnail in the image bin. From here you can place it on Video Track 1.

In the scenario suggested by Borate he uses a blank clip as a background since this is easier to illustrate but any image will do in place of this...remember when used in VP images=video clips .  As explained by Borate above......

  • Place the background image (even if it is a blank clip) on Video Track 1
  • Place your Phone video 1 on Video Track 2
  • Place your Phone video 2 on Video Track 3
  • Note that your background image should be on Track 1. It will have the default duration when added to the timeline but you can drag the end out using the little white box so it plays for any length of time. Drag it left or right so it matches the duration of the phone videos.
  • Add the Split Screen effect to Tracks 2 and 3 selecting the Horizontal 2  layout for each.
  • Place each track in Box A or Box B as appropriate.......... The sequence preview should then look somewhat like this....


If you still can't get an image to work as your background (In this example it's a photo of the dinghy park) drop back in and we can check things further.


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