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Range of Shape Primitives seems limited

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I have just purchased Express Animate Master edition with the intention of using this package for simple block diagram animation, as a step up on PowerPoint.

I was surprised that there seem to be no preset shapes other than rectangles and ellipses.

Most diagrams require regular triangles/polygons and rounded rectangles.

I can construct these, of course, but am hampered by the fact that although the overall object handles snap to grid, I cannot get individual nodes to snap.

And there seem to be no tools to align objects/nodes with each other, or modifiers to constrain node moves in x or y directions while dragging with the cursor.

I have not found answers to these points in the help or the video tutorials.

It looks like I will have to create other basic shapes as bitmaps in another package and import them. Can I import vector (e.g. SVG) images?

Sorry for the noob questions, but maybe someone could tell me if I'm missing something, and if not, suggest workarounds.



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