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Can any NCH product convert a folder of MP3s to MP4?

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I've got Switch, Prism, and  VideoPad, and as far as I can see, none of them can convert a folder of MP3 files to MP4. 

Does any NCH product have this capability? 

I've got about 15 folders, each with about 20 MP3 files that I  want to convert to MP4 so I can add subtitles for  lyrics.


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Easily done, song-by-song.  Or each song might be placed in its own sequence.

Drop an mp3 onto the audio track.

Add subtitles on the video track.  You could place a blank clip (or any clip) on that track as well, to act as a background for the captions.

Export each sequence as mp4.  The Export All Sequences option could make this go quickly.



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