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i have a Voipswitch and i tried to connect Axon to it here is what happened...


i setup a DID to go to my switch(as G729 codec) then to Axon then to an extension that is hooked to a SIPURA it worked very well.

then i tried to call from the SIPURA to the switch to a cellphone it worked perfectly.


now i tried to to make the call come to the IVM and here the call always drops and my system informed me that the codec is the problem.. also the same thing happened when i send the call to the express talk(pc dialer).


Can someone explain clearly what codec Axon use? is it a pass through all Codec?


how about IVM, IMS and express Talk???


why not to have these codec G723.1 and G729 on all the units, how much is going to cost more... a 100$ more it is worth it. or you can add it as optional where you can pay to haqve that codec...



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AXON pass through all the codecs but for IVM, recording and for IMS it uses G711 so your call in most cases will be dropped. using G711 will solve the problem, as G729 is a paid codec and AXON is freeware so this G729 is not used, but it is highly desirable, if possible.

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