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Editing multiple "takes"


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Yes...in a way.

If you want to check each clip place them on separate tracks and line them up.

For a start the top track will be one you will see if you play the sequence. (Higher tracks cover up lower tracks) However each track can be hidden by clicking the button at the left end of the timeline with an icon on it that looks like 3 pawns. Clicking this button hides that particular track showing the one beneath.  So hiding the top track will reveal the middle track and hiding the middle track and the top track will show the bottom track. You can split individual tracks with the Scissor icon under the sequence preview window (Not the one associated with the cursor line.)

In this way you can review each track and split out any parts leaving a gap through which the lower track will be seen. It's faffy but that's editing.

Once you are happy with the timeline sequence do an export.

Have a play with this idea and see what you get.


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