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Unable to remove Voxal audio input device from Mac (Big Sur) after deleting Voxal from Applications folder

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Hi. I tried the Voxal trial version on my Mac, decided it wasn't for me. 16" MacBook Pro, 2019 model, running Big Sur 11.1.

NCH's instructions for deleting software from a Mac just say to delete the app from the Applications folder (move it to Trash). I did that.

Voxal Virtual Device still shows up as an audio input device in my Sound Preferences, and I can't find a way to get rid of it.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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I'm having the same problem and now there seems to be interference with my Apollo....I can no longer get my vocals to record and register in Logic like before I downloaded that Voxal...now all I'm getting is a flat line waveform no matter what I do.

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Hello - I have exactly the same problem. Guru's solution didn't work for me.

NCH tech support said: Please locate and delete the "VoxalVirtualDevice.driver" folder using Finder.

Well, Finder and I have looked in Extensions, Driver Extensions, but no luck finding this.

Any other ideas?  

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Thanks, DannR. Actually, I needed to re-install my OS (for an unrelated reason), so I just went back a day in Time Machine, before I downloaded the Voxal app. I wish everything in life were that easy


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