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Trying to get Express Invoice to Sync data via Dropbox (connected App) between two licenced users


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Hi fellow cofussed.com.

I am trying to get two computers to sync using the dropbox option (via express invoice connected app) I am assuming that each user needs to use the same dropbox account ? Anyone done this and know how it works. To clarify this is to get two licenced users working off the same database.

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Sync device option, this feature will allow you to build a database using Dropbox which you can use to synchronize devices with that database for you to have access anywhere. To set this option you would first need to do it from the computer you will use to create the master database, so if you are going to build the database from your PC you should start the process from the PC. To set this option you may open Express Invoice and go to Options > Sync Device > Sync this device with other devices running Express Invoice > select Dropbox and click on Connect. Enter your Dropbox credentials and wait until the synchronization completes. Once you have the PC synchronized you can follow the same procedure from the other devices you wish to connect and each device should be assigned a letter, so the first device (PC) should be Letter A, second device letter B and so on.

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I did everything you mentioned yet my yet my lenovo tablet can't access the files synced to Dropbox. The tablet is logged in to the same account but only has options to sync TO Dropbox, not sync with it.  

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