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Using Doxillion to convert PDF to HTML does not convert pictures included in the document.

Charles Bilodeau

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I have tested the conversion of two PDF files, one was to Word but did not include picture and the second PDF was converted to HTML. I was not impress by the way the application did the conversion. The first file to Word was fine. I had to modify some stuff on it like Table of content as it was not doe correctly but the second file was disappointing.

I converted it to HTML and it placed all the letter of my text on separated line. So Opening the document in a Web Browser show the text with one letter per line.

Also it did not converted any picture I had in my document either. Picture should have been saved also. It should have created a CSS file also to cover for the different format.

I have seen free application doing a way better job than Doxillion.

So if I can suggest! This should be improved.

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