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sound issue.

Steve Bourne

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Hi, just purchased this product and there are three issues that are causibg problems.

So, im capturing video in HD and SD formats from my professional Sony camcorder. There is no issue with the picture quality but the sound is absolutely appalling. I can confirm that there is no issue with my camera or computer as this isnt a problem when using Movie Maker.

Also, when I upload content thats been captured with Debut to YouTube from Windows media player the video appears to jerk every three seconds. It plays fine on my phone but again when I upload to You Tube from my phone the video is jerky.

Lastly when I start recording from my camera there is a image from my computer camera in the bottom right hand side of the capture window. How can I turn this off. 


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1. Hi, by any chance your camcorder have a manual control of the audio? This could be causing the audio problem, it might be set to high. 

2. Before you upload the video to YouTube it plays find no issues? If this is the case, try changing the output format, you can try avi and wmv.

3. The camera overlay option might be enable, in order to disable it, click on "Camera Overlay" at the top, and uncheck the box for "enable".

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