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Clip set to run at 3x speed in Videopad exports at 1x speed

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First post here. Editing old family videos for relatives and found VideoPad. Used trial for a couple of days and bought full version. More on that in another post. 

My question here is how do I retain the speed of the clip when I export it to a video file? Here are the steps I went through. Oh, I'm using VideoPad Professional v 8.97.

  1. Create new project
  2. Add "raw" video file of home video
  3. Create several clips from the source file
  4. Set the Playback Speed Change control to 3x
  5. Export to MP4 file format without changing any of the other defaults on the Export File Settings dialog
  6. Open the new mp4 file in another program to view it (just so I can see how others will see it outside of VideoPad)

Obviously, I don't want all my finished videos to run at 3x, but this particular one is intended to be kind of a funny montage. It looks good in VideoPad when I play it, but runs at normal speed in other programs.

Is this not possible or am I missing some step?


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The Playback Speed Change control under the preview window affects only timeline playback speed.  image.png

Select the clips to be speed changed, right-click on one of them, click CHANGE CLIP SPEED, and input 300%.

Changes made there will export, though the speed you hear during 1x preview may not match what was heard when using playback 3x.  Adjust to taste.

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:) You are setting the Preview playback speed not the actual project speed. The control you used is there just in order for you to see what the speed change would look like. Note it's a control associated only with  preview.

Once you have decided how fast or slow you feel looks OK you set the specific clips on the timeline to that % change as Borate describes.


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Should you run into export irregularities when a global speed change has been made on numerous clips, try this...

Prior to applying the speed change, click the + sign on the Sequence 1 tab, to open a new blank sequence.

Click the SEQUENCES tab in the bin (upper-left).  Right-click on Sequence 1 and PLACE ON SEQUENCE AT START.

This becomes a single clip.  Add the speed change, then export Sequence 2.

Chances are you won't have to do this, but it's an alternative.

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  • borate changed the title to Clip set to run at 3x speed in Videopad exports at 1x speed

No title guideline.  It was slightly shortened.

For search purposes it helps to have a brief, descriptive title and perhaps keywords.  Makes it easier to spot threads of interest.

Unless citing specifics, for context - say from an earlier post buried in a long thread - there's no need to quote.

Stop by anytime.

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